We recommend the following hotels in Basel:

Ibis Budget Basel City Hotel (Grosspeterstrasse 12, Basel), a 10 minute walk to our wedding venue. 

Novotel Basel City (Grosspeterstrasse 12, Basel) a 10 minute walk to our wedding venue. 

Nomad (Brunngässlein 8) 

Basel Backpack (Dornacherstrasse 192), located on the renovated factory complex Gundeldinger Feld, where our wedding will take place. 


There are of course many other hotels or you can also book an Airbnb in Basel. 


Things to do in Basel:



Most of Basel can be explored by foot. Otherwise, you can also use the tram system - they come exactly every 7 minutes and are very much on time :)


The following are nice sights to visit during your stay in Basel:

Old City of Basel (Spalenberg and surrounding little streets)

Spalentor - one of the old pretty gates of Basel

Marktplatz - the main market place for fresh vegetables, fruits and more

Rathaus - Basel's red city hall

The Tinguely Brunnen, a fountain in front of the theatre

Go for a stroll along the river Rhine 

Münster - old church at the top of a hill, make sure to walk up the 240 steps for a great view over the whole of Basel

Freie Strasse - Basel's main shopping street


"Fähri" - Ferry

Along the Rhine there are four ferries that will transport you across the river. Amazingly, these ferries are powered only by the current of the river. Take the short Fähri trip for CHF 1.60 and enjoy the view of Basel from the Rhine.


Go for a swim in the Rhine

If you want to feel like a proper “Basler“, pack your clothes into one of the waterproof fish-looking bags (can be bought from the Flora Buvette or bring your own) and go for a swim in the Rhine. Best place to start your swim is along the strip of the Tinguely Museum where you can easily walk into the river. From there, just let the current take you as far as you like - even France if you wish!


Dreiländereck - Three countries meet

Basel is on the border with France and Germany and you can visit the spot along the Rhine where all three meet.



Some museums we recommend to visit:

Fondation Beyeler

Tinguely Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art




Trio (amazing Schnitzel!)




Cafe Frühling (nice for breakfast)

Kunsthalle (more upmarket dining experience)

Avant-Gouz (nice for breakfast or sandwiches and they have good coffee)

Schmale Wurf (casual Italian restaurant at the Rhine)


Here you can get more information on Basel and its attractions:


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